Bake, Heat and Do Much More With the Best Microwave Oven!

The today’s fast-paced and active lifestyle has made microwave ovens one of the best wonders in any kitchen. This kitchen appliance can do everything from heating your leftovers to baking pastries, preparing pizzas, and steaming your favorite veggies. The best thing is that they can make all that happen in just a few minutes. Your life can get a lot easier with these hi-tech kitchen gadgets.

Many advanced best microwave ovens not only the default temperature settings, but they also offer additional features to melt butter, make popcorn, and do more. They are designed to add fun and ease to your cooking activities.

Comparison of Top 5 Microwave Ovens

With a huge number of feature-packed microwave ovens available in the market these days, choosing the best microwave is a daunting task. We evaluated several microwave ovens for functionality, performance, ease of use, and of course, their features; the following five zapped best. Go through these microwave oven reviews to get all your questions answered.

Best Microwave OvenPower Product WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCheck Amazon
GE PEM31SFSS Profile

GE PEM31SFSS Profile

800 Watts35.2 poundsRead more50 customer reviews See At Amazon
Panasonic NE-1022F

Panasonic NE-1022F

1,000 Watts39 poundsRead more57 customer reviews See At Amazon
Panasonic Genius

Panasonic Genius

1250 Watts37 poundsRead more 260 customer reviews See At Amazon
LG Counter Top

LG Counter Top

1000 Watts49 poundsRead more65 customer reviews See At Amazon
Frigidaire MWV150KB

Frigidaire MWV150KB

---58 poundsRead more 8 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless big 1General Electric has been serving as a leading name for aviation products, power projects, and electrical appliances. It develops and builds power systems, appliances, and several other products that bring convenience and comfort to many retail facilities, factories, homes, and businesses. Its collection of consumer electronics include microwaves, appliance filters, cooking ranges, dryers, wall ovens, water heaters, cook tops, dishwashers, and various other appliances. The key features of its popular microwave oven, GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave are listed below.

  • The GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave weighs around 35.2 pounds.
  • Featuring the latest appliance technology, it heats and defrosts your food quickly and silently.
  • Its capacity is around 1.1 cu ft.
  • The microwave oven is designed to accommodate small dishes.
  • It has sensor based cooking controls that make the oven adjust cooking power and time automatically.
  • Electronic touch features provide convenient point-and-heat functionality.
  • The GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave has ten cooking levels for defrosting, reheating, and boiling.
  • Enter your food’s weight and either select your desired defrosting time or let the microwave adjust the right defrosting power level and time automatically.
  • A built-in kitchen times works as a minute timer.

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Panasonic NE-1022F Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave

Panasonic NE-1022F big 2Panasonic Corporation is a multinational company that offers innovative electronic products to its consumers. Its head office is located in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The former name of Panasonic Corporation was Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation Limited. With more than 634 companies, Panasonic is one of the biggest electronic appliance development companies in the world. The Panasonic NE-102FF Commercial Microwave Oven is another great product of the company that symbolizes quality and durability. Take a look at its major features.

  • This best microwave oven measures 20.5 x 12 x 16.5 inches and weighs around 34 pounds.
  • Its capacity is 0.8 cubic feet. It can accommodate coffee mugs, glass bowls, dinner plates, and other cooking ware that is usually used for heating purposes easily.
  • Its front panel is made of stainless steel.
  • The door handle is based on the grab-and-go mechanism.
  • Bottom energy system makes the heating energy reach your food quickly.
  • A six-minute timer is provided with fifteen-second increments.
  • A time guide is provided to help you choose the right setting.
  • Compliant with the quality, safety, and performance standards of FCC, UL, NSF, and DHHS.
  • A transparent oven door helps you keep an eye on food.
  • A built-in oven lamp is provided for better visibility.

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Panasonic Genius NN-SN973S Watt Microwave

Panasonic Genius NN-SN973S big 3

Panasonic Corporation operates as one of the biggest electronic appliance manufacturing companies in the entire world. It was originally known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation Limited. Its headquarters is located in Kadoma, Osaka. The company manufactures innovative and durable electric appliances that add convenience and comfort to its consumers’ lives. The Panasonic Genius NN-SN973S Microwave with Inverter Technology is an advanced kitchen appliance that ensures your comfort without making you spend a lot.

  • The Panasonic Genius NN-SN973S Microwave with Inverter Technology measures 16.5 x 21 x 13.3 inches.
  • Its capacity is nearly 2.2 cubic foot.
  • It has a 16.5 inch turntable.
  • Stainless steel finish and fingerprint resistant exterior
  • Allows you to heat your favorite breakfast items, snacks, appetizers, and dinnertime meals.
  • A blue digital timer that also operates as a clock.
  • Multiple cooking options are provided, including sensor reheat, weight and time sensor cooking.
  • Inverter technology ensures variable power is delivered throughout the food. Food’s surfaces and edges are not overcooked.
  • Turbo defrost enables you to defrost your food quickly.
  • A safety lock is provided to prevent accidental operation.
  • Press the sensor cooking button to allow the oven to set defrosting or cooking time and power level automatically.
  • Control panel consists of raised buttons.

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LG LCSP1110ST Counter Top Combo Microwave

LG LCSP1110ST big 4LG Corporation, a South Korean multinational corporation, was founded in 1928. It deals in telecom products, chemicals, and electronics. Its headquarters is located in the LG Twin Towers building in Seoul. LG operates several units, such as LG Chem, LG Display, Zenith, LG Telecom, and LG Electronics in more than eighty countries. The LG LCSP1110ST Counter Top Combo Microwave and Baking Oven is a great kitchen appliance that adds fun and convenience to your cooking activities. Continue reading to determine its primary features.

  • The microwave oven measures 19.5 x 15.5 x 17.4 inches. It weighs approximately 49 pounds.
  • Includes different components made of durable metal, plastic, and glass.
  • Capacity of 1.1 cu ft.
  • Microwave oven has the power of 1000 watt.
  • A 1400-watt oven helps you bake cookies, biscuits, and frozen foods.
  • A sturdy baking drawer can pulled out conveniently.
  • Includes four auto cooking options.
  • Includes ten different power levels.
  • A pizza drawer is also provided.
  • Child lockout feature helps you keep the microwave’s keypad locked.
  • Easy to clean microwave oven.
  • Sensor based cooking.
  • User-friendly control panel and settings.
  • One-touch cooking settings.
  • Includes a 12-inch turntable.

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Frigidaire MWV150KB The-Range Microwave

frigidaire big 5

Frigidaire, a leading name for commercial and consumer appliances, was founded in 1918. Its current parent company is Electrolux. The main products of this American brand are microwave ovens, wall ovens, dryers, washers, freezers, ranges, refrigerators, air conditions, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, blenders, slow cookers, and the associated accessories. The Frigidaire MWV150KB Over the Range Microwave is exclusively designed for people who enjoy cooking and baking. Following are a few primary features of this innovative kitchen appliance.

  • The microwave weighs 36 pounds and measures 16.4 x 29.9 x 15.8 inches.
  • This black microwave serves as a visually appealing and functional cooking unit.
  • It has a capacity of 1.5 cu ft.
  • Automatic features, including auto defrost, auto popcorn, and auto reheat allows you to select the right cooking setting easily.
  • Automatic baked potato option adds ease to your baking activities.
  • Single-touch buttons enable you to prepare your favorite dishes easily.
  • Press a single button to add thirty seconds to your heating or cooking duration.
  • Multi-stage cooking option allows you to set the desired time and power level in advance.
  • Designed to function as a hood providing ventilation using 2 fan speeds.
  • Child control lock feature offers safety.
  • Keep track of heating or cooking time with an electronic timer.

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If you prepare food in a hurry, then microwave is the perfect gadget for your kitchen. After reading our microwave oven reviews, you are now ready to choose a microwave oven that can help you heat, bake, and cook your favorite meals without making you go beyond your financial budget. Enjoy cooking with the best microwave oven!